How to Get More Reviews on Google

How to Get More Reviews on Google

How to Get More Reviews on Google

Google is the number one search engine worldwide because they have developed the nuts to get the best search results. But what most business owners don’t realize is how Google has recently changed its focus to support local businesses.

Google has made local places great in Google Places!

Here’s an example: Before you entered a search term such as “dentist” you would get links to websites and articles about dentists and dentists around the world; Now, when you search for “dentist” on Google, you will get top-rated dentists on your local page who are very relevant to the page and other results such as ads. The important thing is that these local listings are free and are a great tool for Google’s massive exposure.

Why request your free Google Places page?

Every business must take advantage of Google’s new local focus through its free Google Places page claim and optimization. All businesses with an actual physical address are eligible for a Google Places page. This is a web site where you can list information about your business, such as products, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, photos, pictures, special offers and more.

Who can argue with free advertising – especially when it leverages Google’s power and reach?

And yet, a key feature of Google Places is that it allows Google users to evaluate and view your business. This is called a person’s digital word. Each Google Places listing has a section directly below the business information listing these reviews. A typical review has a star rating of 1 to 5 stars, followed by the actual review text.

How to find a listing of your Google Places?

There are two ways to list places. The first way is by using your favorite Google browser and typing your business type, followed by your city and state search engine. This may require a little persistence, as you may click on the “More Results” link at the bottom of the lists.

The second and easiest way is to go to GoogleMaps and type in your business name, followed by a city and state search box. In most cases, your listing will appear immediately.

How do Google Places evaluate local listings?

Naturally, you want your listing to stand out from your competition. So a savvy business owner should try to do something to get a local listing for their particular product or service classification. To get better rankings you first need to understand Google’s ranking procedure.

Google tops the local business listing using a variety of factors, the main determinants of which are:

Rating Star Rating – Get the total number of stars from all reviews and then divide by the total of reviews, this is your overall rating score, which can be anywhere from 1 to 5.

The total number of reviews – the larger the sample, the higher your ranking will be compared to your competitors, with similar overall star ratings.

How to get Google Places review stars on your list?

Now that you have a clear idea of ​​how Google Places works and the overall benefits, it’s time to give some important advice; Once you’ve got 5 reviews or a list of your Google Places where red stars appear – this is the threshold beyond which you should qualify for stars.

When red stars appear next to your list, it results in your list is different from other lists that have no stars. Having a star in all of this means that Google users have reviewed your business and the result is that more people are clicking your Google Places link.

How do I get more Google Places reviews?

If you don’t have 5 stars on your Google, you should get more reviews. Expecting to try out organically can take years. The easiest and quickest way is to politely address your customers and clients. You can do this in person, or just send an email. You can also get users to leave these reviews by doing so, as well as leaving a link to your Google Places page on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Most of your loyal customers will be happy to help and probably have no idea that Google Places existed and your business had a listing. All they need is friendly nudity and reminder.

Warning for review request

Here’s another important tip: Never ask users to write a good review; Instead, just ask for their honest feedback, and many people will happily share what they think about your business, and chances are you’re pretty happy with the results.

We hope this article is helpful and demonstrates some of the benefits your business has of requesting and optimizing your Google Places page.